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IT/Computer/Systems Projects Various computer-, programming-, and network management-related projects are gathered together here from my portfolio.
Classroom/Multimedia Campus Development - These various software projects were made with audio classroom/lab situations in mind, but the concepts are fully adaptable to any lab or multi-room campus environment and beyond.
Informatics - This system gets local computers to automatically post information about themselves (e.g., machine serial numbers, software versions, hardware configurations, battery levels for Bluetooth peripherals…) to highly formatted webpages. The purpose of Informatics is to make sets of information available to various stakeholders, and to make the critical data evident at a glance. [This system uses JSON, AppleScript, file sharing, shell scripting, Google Forms, and heavily scripted Google Sheets.] View One-page Explainer
Triple RCA - Using shell scripting, AppleScript, and MaxMSP for the user interface, this system allows a “teacher” station — any computer with a projector and speakers connected — to receive both the video and audio output of any “student” station. The interface for the teacher is graphical, with each student station displayed at its physical location within the room. When properly configured, one click initiates audio and video sharing. View One-page Explainer
Enigma - Software updates can’t always be done cleanly; sometimes a new version must live alongside the old one for a while. Using shell script and AppleScript, Enigma is an application that parses any Ableton Live session file to determine which version of Ableton Live made it, finds the best versions of Ableton on the local machine, and then asks the user which version they would like to use. (And when the user chooses to open an older file in a newer version, warnings are provided before their file is irrevocably updated.) View One-page Explainer
Wormhole - This applet allows the quick and simple distribution of files to other computers in the same room. Wormhole also keeps track of which stations failed to receive the files, allowing the user to retry only those that had an issue. This elegant tool saves a great deal of time for running classes or other types of presentations. View One-page Explainer
Diesel Confession Booth - Using a combination of MaxMSP, Jitter, AppleScript, and shell scripting, I did the interactive programming for this installation piece at the 5th Avenue Diesel store in New York. Created for Fashion Night Out and running for several months afterward, the piece invited customers to enter the booth, interface through a touch screen, and record a video of their “stupid” confession. The videos were then cycled into rotation on 30+ televisions in the storefront, automatically converted and uploaded to Diesel’s server, and then emailed to the customer. The following are some documentation, pictures, and media coverage. Visit website 1 Visit website 2
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MainBrain System - I made a system for Billy Jay Stein of Strange Cranium that allows a musical theater conductor to easily control, adapt, and rearrange prerecorded audio. The system was originally developed for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and is used nightly to control audio playback in this show and others. View product page
“Levitation” Installation Piece (Dornbirn, Austria) - I created the audio system for this architectural installation piece by the artist Thilo Frank. As the object slowly rotated, sounds that were recently recorded were played back through resonators in the object itself. Gradually, the sounds of the visitors blend into the resonance of the space. See photos of the piece View program notes
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ScreenFlow Video Feedback Documentation - A set of technical instructions to guide Dubspot Online teachers through making video feedback for their students. (Another document provided the method and expectation for these videos.) Goes from installing and configuring Telestream’s ScreenFlow to the process of making and uploading each feedback video. View PDF
–– Visit my complete Online Portfolio